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International Bunsen Discussion Meeting on Chemistry and Diagnostics for Clean Combustion

21 June 2017 - 23 June 2017


International Bunsen Discussion Meeting on

Chemistry and Diagnostics for Clean Combustion

Center for Interdisciplinary Research Bielefeld

21 – 23  June 2017, Bielefeld, Germany

Providing clean(er) energy is one of the grand societal challenges. Today more than 80% of the global primary energy for transportation and power generation involves fossil-fuel combustion, with a slowly increasing fraction of bio-derived fuels. Combustion of fossil fuels increases carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere and it leads to undesired pollutants, including especially nitrogen oxides and particulates. Climate effects, poor air quality, and health issues have increased global awareness regarding these emissions. Because of the scale of energy needed, the increase of population and demands of emerging economies, however, it is hard to replace fossil-fuel combustion processes in the short term. Meanwhile fuel efficiency, alternative fuels, the decrease of carbon dioxide emission, and compliance with strict emission standards are the main issues that need urgent attention.

In a discussion-oriented, interdisciplinary approach, this international meeting will focus on some rapidly emerging and particularly timely issues in combustion, including increased efficiency, alternative fuels, and pollutant formation. To understand these issues, knowledge from chemistry, physics, and engineering must be combined from:

Chemistry: because novel fuels and new efficient combustion strategies will lead to different chemical pathways and emissions;

Physics: because chemical pathways and reactive species must be identified and monitored with suitable diagnostics

Engineering: because practical processes define the vastly different boundary conditions.

The meeting thus aimed to provide forefront knowledge from different international foci, to reflect strategies for the future, and to form nuclei for joint research activities. The program composed of invited lectures by eminent international experts as well as contributed talks, selected from submissions, and poster presentations includes ample time for networking and informal exchange. A concluding discussion session was devoted to identify future needs and perspectives.

Scientific Committee:

Katharina Kohse-Höinghaus (BIELEFELD, GER)

Marcus Aldén (LUND, SWE)

Mara de Joannon (NEAPEL, ITA)

Christof Schulz (DUISBURG, GER)

Flyer as PDF: Flyer-CDCC-Bielefeld-2017.pdf (1615 downloads )


Abstracts in zip format


(those interested in presentations can contact the Action chair Mara de Joannon)

  • Cleaner combustion systems: Understanding needs and details
    Hai Wang Ten questions concerning mechanisms and models of soot formation
    Philippe Dagaut Low-temperature chemical kinetics of alternative and conventional fuels oxidation
    Howard Levinsky Why can’t we just burn hydrogen?
    Pascale Desgroux About the formation of (some) pollutants in combustion processes
    Henning Bockhorn Reactivity of diesel soot particles: Why is soot not alike soot
    Nils Hansen New tools for flame diagnostics: Microwaves and X-rays
  • Combustion applications: Impact and reduction of emissions
    Greg Smallwood Black carbon: Measurement challenges for climate and health impact mitigation
    Heinz Pitsch Autoignition chemistry and model reduction
    Terese Løvås Biofuels from thermal conversion of bio-mass, a multi-scale problem
    Franz Winter Waste combustion and gasification: Implications and challenges
  • Chemistry for cleaner combustion: Fuels, mechanisms, and aftertreatment
    Fei Qi Advanced synchrotron-based combustion diagnostics
    Tiziano Faravelli Modeling the lab experiments of sooting flames
    Yiguang Ju Experiments and models of low temperature combustion of alternative fuels
    John Mantzaras Experiments and models for catalytic combustion
    Patrick Nau IR absorption spectroscopy for temperature and concentration measurements in a gasifier
    Kai Banke Combined production of power and syngas in an internal combustion engine
  • Physics: Tools and techniques
    Mark Linne Diagnostics for dense sprays in support of predictive models
    Tina Kasper Diagnostics for combustion and nanoparticle formation
    Kristina Eisen Multi-quantity diagnostics for an efficient process design?
    Wolfgang Meier Multi-species diagnostics at high pressure for gas turbine combustion

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