Dissemination and exploitation of Action results

During the first half of the Action activities the dissemination and exploitation activities concentrated on the enlargement of potential participants by presenting motivations, approach and activities of the SMARTCATs at several scientific meetings and other informative sessions. Target audience ranged from specialist meetings to more divulgation oriented initiatives in the attempt to both involve qualified participants in the scientific network and sensitize general public to the main issues of new energy carriers and their related technologies. The basic idea is that new technologies and advanced scientific achievements are strictly related and that a multilevel approach is required to promote new and widely accepted energetic policies based on new energy production and distribution frameworks exploiting the basic and applied knowledge on smart energy carriers that are the main objective of this Action.

A Youtube channel was set up and will be used to disseminate videos of the presentations or other materials from Action participants. The videos of the presentations given at WG4 workshop in Naples have been already uploaded and the videos of presentation at first annual meeting will be uploaded in short.

In addition to the official participations/presentations, that are reported in the attached table, participants were requested to give proper visibility to the COST Action support in their scientific production and during their presentations at scientific meetings. In spite of the obvious initial delay due to the onset time of activities the achieved level of scientific dissemination is quite appreciable. It is expected that in the second half of the Action activity the scientific production and the visibility of the Action would further increase. Specific initiatives to further disseminate results of the Action will be taken during the final part of the activities and, in particular, during the meetings/workshops organized in the final activity year.

Following the program outlined in the MoU, in the first two years an Action website has been set-up and is continuously maintained. The objective is to set-up a permanent portal (to be kept alive also after the end of the Action) that could act not only as the official documents repository and for Action initiatives communication to the participants but also as a reference for scientists interested in its topics.

Finally a logo of the action has been realized and it will be used to identify the initiatives supported.

Item/ activity

Target audience


Presentation at EARPA TF Advanced Combustion Engines and Fuels meeting on the 17th of March, 2015

Scientific/technical community

(large and small commercial organisations to national institutes and universities

Meeting Program

Presentation at 3rd Topical Workshop – Taming uncertainty in combustion chemistry: experiments and models/ European Combustion meeting 2015 on 30 March, 2015

European and non Europaean Scientific community active in the field of combustion studies


Article on G Square #15

I juin 2015

General public



Presentation at Italian Combustion Meeting 2015

Scientific community


Policy Stakeholders Conference EU-EaP STI Cooperation in addressing Energy, 12-13/10/2015, Minsk, Belarus




Presentation at:


Booth and Workshops at FUTURO REMOTO October 15th to 18th 2015

General public

General Program

Program of the Workshops

Presentation at 5th International Conference on Fuels and Combustion in Engineering (FCE 2016), 18-20/1/2016 Istanbul, Turkey

Scientific/technical community

Meeting Program

Presentation at Training on International Cooperation, 29/2/2016, Minsk, Belarus

Scientific/technical community


Final Agenda

Presentation at 2nd ECATS Conference, 7-9/11/2016, Athens, Greece

Scientific community  of researchers involved into the impact of air transport on the environment


Final Program

flyer in the book of Abstracts – 36th International Symposium on Combustion

Scientific/technical community

Flyer inserted in the Symposium Book of Abstracts

Booth at EARPA Form Forum and Autumn Meeting, 19-20/10/2016, Brussels, Belgium

Scientific/technical community

(large and small commercial organisations to national institutes and universities


Poster at the Booth

COST OPEN CALL – SESSION D’INFORMATION Bruxelles, 8 novembre 2016

Scientific/technical community


COST website

Scientific/technical – COST Community


CLEAN-Gas Combustion Summer School: Opportunities and challenges of new energy carriers

Scientific community/PhD students


Training School on Multi-scale methods for non-reacting and reacting flow simulations

Scientific community/PhD students


YouTube Channel

Scientific community/General public

Youtube channel

Local seminars

Scientific community/PhD students