Workshop on MILD Combustion

modelling challenges, experimental configurations and diagnostic tool

As synergistic effort between ERC VADEMECOM Project and SMARTCATs, this workshop had the objective to discuss open issues and opportunities in MILD combustion modelling, to review the experimental configurations (available and under development), for new modelling approaches validation and to critically assess the uncertainty associated to the existing diagnostic tools.

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Workshop on Gas-phase Reaction Kinetics of Biofuels Oxygenated Molecules

The workshop has been organised in the context of the SMARTCATs WG1 and also as part of the IMPROOF project, which has the ultimate target of designing next-generation steam cracking furnaces, able to drastically improve combustion efficiency, and cut the emissions of CO2 and pollutant species. The workshop aimed at providing an overview of the current research and the most recent advancements in the investigation of the oxygenated classes of molecules involved in biofuels conversion chemistry. A joint meeting between the two communities is a synergistic effort  that will provide a key contribution to the discussion on the advancement and critical issues in the field.

All details, presentations and abstracts can be found here

International Bunsen Discussion Meeting on Chemistry and Diagnostics for Clean Combustion




The joint meeting aimed to provide forefront knowledge from different international foci, to reflect strategies for the future, and to form nuclei for joint research activities. The program composed of invited lectures by eminent international experts as well as contributed talks, selected from submissions, and poster presentations includes ample time for networking and informal exchange. A concluding discussion session was devoted to identify future needs and perspectives.

Information on presentations and abstracts proceedings can be found here

Recent outcomes on Marine and Automotive Combustion Research

The ECCO-MATE MC-ITN Project, in collaboration with the SMARTCATs COST Action, organised an Early Stage Researcher Conference on  “Recent outcomes on Marine and Automotive Combustion Research”. The conference intended to a create a discussion forum for ESR from academia and industry that work in the frame of the ECCO-MATE and SMARTCATS projects and gave them the opportunity to present their research results on marine and automotive engine combustion science and technology.

All details, presentations and abstracts can be found here