The strong industrial involvement is the basis of potential break-through scientific developments leading to new concepts for the wide use of Smart Energy Carriers in the field of power and energy production. A huge involvement of companies has been successfully pursued, following different strategies: Companies representatives have been involved in the management of the Action (as Management Committee Members and as members of the Industrial Advisory Committee), have been directly involved in the organisation and in the scientific programs of the meetings, workshops and round tables and has been involved in the Short Term Scientific Mission program.

In the following the summary of the main activities that contributed to build up and consolidate the strong industrial connection is reported.

➡ Company representatives in Management Committee:

Industrial Advisory Committee members

➡ Companies as Action participants

1st Workshop on SECs for Power, Industry and Engines – Invited lectures

  • Ingemar Magnusson, Volvo GTT – Advanced Technology and Research, Sweden: Alternative fuels on the road
  • Michael Bogensperger, AVL, Austria: Chemical reaction schemes in industrial CFD – today’s applications and future requirements
  • Helen Brocklehurst, Rolls Royce plc, UK:

2nd Workshop on SECs in Industry – Invited lectures

  • J. Delgado, Technology Center of Repsol, Móstoles (Madrid), Spain: Empiric and Kinetic Model Advances of Industrial Applications of Heating and Diesel Fuels
  • C. Romano, A. Zucca, Nuovo Pignone Tecnologie srl – GE Oil & Gas, Florence – Italy: Gas Turbine Fuel Flexibility
  • H. Levinsky, V.M. van Essen, S.Gersen, G.E.H. van Dijk, DNV GL Oil&Gas, Groningen, The Netherlands: Ignition Delay Time is not Enough: Modeling Engine Knock in Gas Engines
  • E. Cresci. WS Warmeprozesstechnik GmbH, Germany: A simplified CFD approach for the simulation of industrial flameless burners with capacities from 10 to 1000 kW
  • M. Delanaye et al., MITIS SA, Liège, Belgium; Free Univerisity of Brussels, Aero-thermo-Mechanical department, Brussels, Belgium: Development of flameless combustor for an inverted Brayton cycle microturbine used in residential microCHP