WG4 first Workshop – Contributed presentations

Smart Energy Carriers: Modeling, Data and Data analysis

April 5th, 2016   –   Biblioteca”Ferdinando Gasparini”

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Uncertainty in the experimental products quantification during JSR hydrocarbon gas-phase reactions

Frédérique Battin-Leclerc
Laboratoire Reactions at Genie des Procedes, CNRS – LRGP – Nancy, FRANCE

Auto-ignition of Alcohol and Furan based Bio-fuels- Modeling, Experiments and Theory

Ravi Fernandes
Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt Braunschweig – GERMANY

Modelling complex liquid transportation fuels: chemical compositions to combustion properties to highly reduced kinetic models

Stephen Dooley
Department of Chemical and Environmental Sciences, University of Limerick -IRELAND

Engine combustion modelling with FGM; the need for accurate and detailed chemistry models

Bart Somers
Eindhoven University of Technology- Eindhoven, NETHERLANDS

Sources of uncertainty of thermodynamic and reaction kinetic parameters

Gyorgy Lendvay
Institute of Materials and Environmental Chemistry, Research Centre for Natural Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences – Budapest- HUNGARY

Investigation and quantification of facility effects in reaction kinetics experiments by simulation

Irenaeus Wlokas, Lei Deng, Philipp Niegemann, Mustapha Fikri, Tina Kasper, Christof Schulz, Andreas Kempf
University of Duisburg-Essen, GERMANY

Skeletal mechanism construction and chemistry tabulation: energy production analysis and the relaxation redistribution method

Mahdi Kooshkbaghi, Christos E. Frouzakis, Ilya Karlin and Konstantinos Boulouchos
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) – Zurich SWITZERLAND

Collaboration of experimental data and simulation tools towards the development of predictive models

Alessandro Parente
Université Libre de Bruxelles – Bruxelles, BELGIUM

A Mechanism Reduction Method: Necessity analysis

Hakan Serhad Soyhan, Vedat Demirtaş, Hüseyin Karadeniz, Cem Sorusbay
Sakarya Üniversitesi – Sakarya – TURKEY

Chemical kinetic schemes to simulate combustion-generated inorganic nanoparticles

Amit Bhave*, Nicola Bianco*, Michael Hillman*, George Brownbridge*, Jethro Akroyd, Philipp Buerger**, Daniel Nurkowski**, Sebastian Mosbach**, Markus Kraft**
*CMCL Innovations – UK
**Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, University of Cambridge – UK

Measurement of key values in combustion: The heat flux burner method to determine laminar burning velocities

Stefan Voss
Institute of Thermal Engineering – Freiberg GERMANY

Continuation tools as a virtual test bench for chemical reaction mechanisms

Luigi Acampora, Francesco Saverio Marra
Istituto di Ricerche sulla Combustione, CNR – Napoli ITALY

Eulerian-Lagrangian spray modelling and computational fluid dynamics simulation and validation framework

Charalambos Chasos
Department of Mechanical Engineering, FREDERICK UNIVERSITY, Nicosia, CYPRUS