Latest Past Events

Clean Air 2019-14th International Conference on Energy for a Clean Environment

Funchal, Madeira, Portugal

The conference will address topics such as reaction kinetics, pollutant formation and control, combustion diagnostics, computational methods, turbulent combustion, heterogeneous combustion, stationary combustion systems and environmental impact, engine, gas turbine […]

2nd QUADMARTS Network Workshop

LRGP, Nancy, France

QUADMARTS is an International Research Network based on new methods and applications for product determination in elementary reactions and photodissociation processes with applications at low and high temperatures for astrochemistry, […]

Ammonia for Fueling Future Energy

Oceanário de Lisboa Oceanário de Lisboa, lisbon

Ammonia is a promising energy carrier from several points of view. It is carbon-free and can be burned directly in engines and furnaces. Alternatively, it can be thermally cracked to […]