Forum on Smart Energy Carriers for Distributed Energy Production

University of Belgrade, Republic of Serbia Kraljice Marije 16, Belgrade, Serbia

 Forum on Smart Energy Carriers for Distributed Energy Production: Research and Innovation Technology Perspectives University of Belgrade,  22 -  23 March 2018 copyright 2018 Yuya Matsuo The primary aim of the SMARTCATs COST Action is to create a Europe-wide network of world leading academic and research institutions and key industries to promote the use of smart energy […]

Gas-phase Reaction Kinetics of Biofuels Oxygenated Molecules

Aula Rogers - POLIMI Via Andrea Maria Ampère, 10, Milano, Italy

The workshop on “Gas-phase reaction kinetics of biofuels oxygenated molecules” aims at providing an overview of the current research and the most recent advancements in the investigation of the oxygenated classes of molecules involved in biofuels conversion chemistry. It is organised in the context of the SMARTCATs WG1 and is also part of the IMPROOF project (, which has the […]

15th CYSENI – Conference of Young Scientists on Energy Issues

Lithuanian Energy Institute Breslaujos str. 3, kaunas, Lithuania

Conference CYSENI 2018 aims at providing the possibilities to share ideas, present innovative research methods and the newest research results. As well it provides a platform for discussions about energy issues worldwide. A leaflet of the conference can be downloaded here: Ph. D. students, postdocs, master students and all other young scientists doing research on […]

25th International Symposium on Gas Kinetics and Related Phenomena – GK18

Lille, France , France

The 25th International Symposium on Gas Kinetics and Related Phenomena will take place from 22nd- 26th July in Lille, France, in the Plenary hall of Hauts de France gouvernment. The conference traditionally provides an open forum for the presentation and discussion of the latest research on a wide range of topics related to gas-phase chemical kinetics.This […]

First International Conference on Smart Energy Carriers

Centro Congressi Università Federico II, Napoli Via Partenope, 36, Napoli, Napoli, Italy

Energy carriers are gaining a central role in the panorama of energy production systems as they can be considered a viable answer to environmental sustainability while accomplishing supply security issue. Coupled with advanced combustion technologies, they are synergistic twin strategies that can satisfy the requirements of geo-political and environmental sustainability and security.  A Smart Energy […]

Workshop on MILD combustion

Centro Congressi Università Federico II, Napoli Via Partenope, 36, Napoli, Napoli, Italy

Workshop on MILD combustion: modelling challenges, experimental configurations and diagnostic tool MILD/flameless/colorless/distributed/… combustion regimes ensure very high combustion efficiencies with reduced soot, NOx and noise emissions, compared to conventional combustion regimes, due to the reduced temperature peaks and macro-scale homogeneity. MILD combustion has been implemented in some furnace-based applications; however, its application in power generation […]

Ammonia for Fueling Future Energy

Oceanário de Lisboa Oceanário de Lisboa, lisbon, Portugal

Ammonia is a promising energy carrier from several points of view. It is carbon-free and can be burned directly in engines and furnaces. Alternatively, it can be thermally cracked to produce hydrogen. Ammonia (NH3) has a high H2 density, a significant energy density and can be produced on an industrial scale in a highly efficient […]

2nd QUADMARTS Network Workshop

LRGP, Nancy, France , France

QUADMARTS is an International Research Network based on new methods and applications for product determination in elementary reactions and photodissociation processes with applications at low and high temperatures for astrochemistry, atmospheric chemistry and combustion. In the last years, experimental devices as well as theoretical tools have been developed to quantitatively address the issue of product […]

Clean Air 2019-14th International Conference on Energy for a Clean Environment

Funchal, Madeira, Portugal

The conference will address topics such as reaction kinetics, pollutant formation and control, combustion diagnostics, computational methods, turbulent combustion, heterogeneous combustion, stationary combustion systems and environmental impact, engine, gas turbine and spray combustion, gasification, pyrolysis, CO2 capture processes, new combustion concepts, and fire research. Madeira, an autonomous region of Portugal,  is an archipelago situated in […]