Specialist's meeting to focus on the Action issues

Periodic workshops are organized to favor the discussion among Action participants on the topics of the different Working Groups. Differently from Aìannual general meeting these workshops will be very focused on specific issues of the Action. Workshops on chemical data management, industrial exploitation of smart energy careers, diagnostics and monitoring tools, numerical simulation and fundamental chemical kinetics of smart energy carriers will be organized in several participating countries. A special care will be given to the involvement participants from inclusiveness target countries in the organization of the workshops.

Data collection and mining toward virtual chemistry of smart energy carriers

The first WG4 workshop took place on April 4-5th 2016 in Naples. It was centered on the topics of Workgroup 4 of the Action:
Chemical data mining and their organization in easily accesible repositories represents a key point in realizing reliable and effective chemical data libraries to be used to simulate new fuels reactive behaviour.
This topic is transversal to the other Action Workgroup since experimental and modeling activities may find a natural common point in the development of data infrastructures and the definition of shared architectures and open access protocols. These structures may represent a formidable tool in the dissemination of well assessed knowledge and effective modeling tools.

Proceedings of the invited and contributed presentations given at the Workshop can be found here. Videos of the invited presentations are made available on the Action Youtube channel.