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Workshop on MILD combustion

January 24 January 25

Workshop on MILD combustion:

modelling challenges, experimental configurations and diagnostic tool

MILD/flameless/colorless/distributed/… combustion regimes ensure very high combustion efficiencies with reduced soot, NOx and noise emissions, compared to conventional combustion regimes, due to the reduced temperature peaks and macro-scale homogeneity. MILD combustion has been implemented in some furnace-based applications; however, its application in power generation and manufacturing processes is hindered by the limited understanding of turbulence/chemistry/radiation interactions in this combustion regime. The complexity of MILD combustion is related to the very strong interactions between turbulence and chemistry characterizing this regime. The Damköhler number is of order unity or less, and turbulence levels are low to moderate, thus invalidating many common combustion model assumptions. Novel combustion models are needed, to better represent the competition between chemical pathways and turbulence-chemistry interactions under this regime.  The objective of this workshop is to discuss open issues and opportunities in MILD combustion modelling, to review the experimental configurations (available and under development), for new modelling approaches validation and to critically assess the uncertainty associated to the existing diagnostic tools. The workshop will take place in Naples right after the 1st International Conference on Smart Energy Carrier organized by SMARTCATs COST Action in the same venue. You are cordially invite to join the workshop and feed the discussion with your contribution. Both short presentations and posters are welcome. Send your contribution to Marco.Ferrarotti@ulb.ac.be. Selected papers will be published in a special issue of Frontiers in Mechanical Engineering.

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24 January 2019
25 January 2019



Centro Congressi Università Federico II, Napoli

Via Partenope, 36
Napoli, Napoli 80121 Italy
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