Action management

Action regulating body

The Action is ruled by a Management Committee (MC). This is a group of researchers, nominated by the Cost National Coordinators, in charge of the coordination, implementation, and management of Action’s activities.
MC oversees appropriate allocation and use of Action funding with a view to achieving Action’s scientific and technological objectives.

action structure

Action executives

Action Chair (AC) is the head of the MC and is responsible of the practical implementation of the activities programmed in the yearly work-plan.

AC is supported in his work by a Core Group (CG) composed by the action Vice-chair, Workgroup Leaders, Industrial Advisory committee chair, Early Career Investigator committee chair as well as STSM and Dissemination Managers.

Industrial Advisory Committee

The Industrial Advisory Committee (IAC) provides effective means of communication between research and industrial participants and ensure that industrial needs are properly considered.

Prof. Fabian Mauss – Chair
Brandenburgische Technische Universität
Cottbus Germany


Dr Helen Brocklehurst
United Kingdom


Dr Claudia Esarte, Ph.D
Repsol Technology Center


Early Career Investigator and Gender-Balance Advisory Committee

The Early Stage Researcher and Gender-Balance Advisory Committee promotes the participation of young researchers and assures equality in gender participation.

Prof. Terese Lovas – Chair
Norwegian University of Science and TechnologyNorway


Dr. Marta Trninić
Department of Process Engineering
University of Belgrade
Republic of Serbia


Science Communication Manager

The Science Communication Manager (SCM) promotes the dissemination of the information by means of Action website, media and social communication channels. He also takes care of the public image of the Action.
The  SCM is nominated by the Management Committee and is currently:

Dr. Raffaele Ragucci
Istituto di Ricerche Sulla Combustione – CNR


He is assisted in its activity by a vice manager:

Dr. Corinna Maria Grottola
Istituto di Ricerche Sulla Combustione – CNR